Big thanks to CineFix for keeping me entertained with some nostalgia and this video about seven things you may have not known about The Princess Bride. One thing I've noticed about the movie though is that if you didn't grow up with is, you probably won't like it. I've known a few people who watched it for the first time in adulthood, and they just don't get it.

Some of the facts pointed out in this video? The role of Fezzik was almost given to Arnold Schwarzenegger. The role was originally written for Andre the Giant, but they almost went with Arnold. The only problem was the movie sat in pre-production for so long, by the time it was to be made, Arnold was too expensive for the part.

And speaking of Andre the Giant, all the wrestling he had done in his life to that point was horrible for his back. Lots of measures were taken to make sure his back didn't have to go through too much during filming.

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