And this week in terrifying rattlesnake news....An unwelcome house guest showed up in an Amarillo home by slithering through the homeowner's dog door. Summer is heating up which means more and more rattlesnakes are coming out to play. Well, more like the rattlesnakes are coming out looking for food. That means people need to be more aware while out walking, hiking and their homes with doggy doors? One Amarillo home may start locking their dog door up more often after the owner got quite the scare when a rattlesnake slithered into her home through her dog door.

On May 17th, the homeowner in Highland Park Village said she was relaxing in her home when she heard her dog barking wildly and then the ominous sound of a rattle. Thankfully, the woman was able to call her maintenance department and they were able to neutralize the rattlesnake before it harmed her or her pet pooch. News outlet KXAN gave some great tips on how you can help protect your home from rattlesnakes as well:

  • Keep grass in your front and backyard short
  • Clean up debris in your yard where rattlesnakes can hide
  • Remove bird feeders from your yard that could attract small rodents that rattlesnakes like to feed on

Read more tips on how to keep your home safe from rattlesnakes on the KXAN website.

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