The director of a shelter in Amarillo said it was an unfortunate but necessary decision to put down a pregnant dog that was in labor. A Texas woman's Facebook post has recently gone viral after she shared her experience at an animal shelter where she says she witnessed an "appalling and acceptable" action by the shelter. Dacia Anderson is a former volunteer for the Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society, which rents space from the Animal Management and Welfare shelter. Anderson was walking through the shelter taking photos of animals for the Humane Society Facebook when she saw a dog that was in labor. She said the dog seemed scared but friendly and Anderson said she spoke to staff at the shelter about getting a whelping box for the pup while she gave birth. She had already given birth to one puppy at that time. She came back later to check on the dog, but found out that the dog was euthanized before she had finished giving birth. The woman stated that the tags on the dog's kennel showed that she was an owner surrender but nothing else.

The shelter director, Richard Havens, said that the owners of the animal called 911 to report the dog being aggressive and it was taken into custody by AAMV. Havens said that the dog was euthanized because of the nature of the call as well as behaviors exhibited by the animal while in custody. He said it was unfortunate that it had to happen but euthanizing the dog at that time was the right call. Havens also stated that the pitbull mix wasn't eligible for adoption or foster due to her aggressive behavior which made it a matter of public safety. Dacia Anderson explained that if the animal was a threat she didn't understand why the kennel wasn't marked accordingly. She also said she found it "inhumane and horrific" that the dog was euthanized in the middle of labor. Since this incident, Anderson she has quit volunteering at the facility. You can see her entire Facebook post here.

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