If you're a self-proclaimed foodie, then, you may want to consider moving because it seems as though all the foodie action is happening everywhere else but here. Of course, we here in the 915 know that we can find some great hidden gems for whatever and whenever our cravings beckon the call. Unfortunately for us, none of the great establishments here in El Paso were worthy to make Texas Monthly's "Best New Restaurants in Texas for 2020" coveted list.

Texas Monthly's yearly list rolled out ten new Texas restaurants to check out for the year. The top spot went to Comedor in Austin. In total, Austin got two slots, Houston got three, Dallas got three, Fort Worth got one and San Antonio got one as well. According to Texas Monthly, to be eligible for the list, establishments must have opened between December 1, 2018 and December 1, 2019, and it must be a restaurant's first Texas location.

If you're concerned that El Paso got no love, worry not, because we all know that we have some great restaurants that have recently opened up here. If you're wondering about what would be on the El Paso version of "Best New Restaurants of 2020"  Yelp has some great recommendations. Together, with the help of Yelp and with recommendations I've gotten from friends, here's five new El Paso restaurants to check out this year!

Elemi- 313 N. Kansas


Mamacitas- 325 N. Kansas

Nomi- 6127 N. Mesa 

Yamaguchi Ramen- 2000 Lee Trevino & 3800 N. Mesa 

Noodles & Dumplings- 6303 N. Mesa & 4650 Woodrow Bean 

Even though Texas Monthly didn't feature any El Paso restaurants, we have to admit, some of their recommendations actually sound delicious! What other El Paso restaurants would you feature?

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