Being an NFL kicker has to suck. For the most part people don't consider you a football player, and if you miss the kick, you are the soul reason the team lost. But let's ignore the other 59 plus minutes of game play. Now, if you're Mason Crosby and you miss 5 kicks in one game, that's another thing.

Well, a lot of people now know the name Cody Parkey because of his missed field goal. So Chicago's Goose Island Brewery offered up free beer for a year to anyone who could make a 43 yard field goal. The same distance Parkey missed.

A whopping 101 people attempted the field goal. And 101 people failed. Not a single make. And yeah, I get the whole "You had one job" argument. But seriously, if your fat ass can't even come close... shut up.

And yes, it was snowing and the first contestant did slip, but hey, those are the breaks. It's football. You play through all weather. Except lightning. That's just dangerous.

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