In celebration of Leap Day this year, Miller Lite was giving away 24 packs to enjoy with the 24 extra hours. But is it still happening?

Leap years only happen every four years and this year the extra day falls on a Saturday. To celebrate the extra 24 hours you get to enjoy this year, Miller Lite was going to help people relax with a free 24-pack of Miller Lite. One beer for every extra hour of the day. On Saturday, February 29th, Miller Lite was going to post a QR code on the company's Instagram and Twitter that consumers could scan and submit their receipts to get reimbursed by the company. The Instagram and Twitter for the company were both promoting their giveaway up until yesterday morning.

On Wednesday, February 26th, a former employee of Molson Coors opened fire at the brewery in Milwaukee, killing five workers before taking his own life, according to NBC Chicago. Since the shooting, a spokesperson for the company has said that the corporate offices would be closed for the week, and the brewery would be shut down until further notice. The posts promoting the 24-pack refunds have been taken down from all social media and no word on whether or not they will still be doing the giveaway. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this shooting. For more information, please visit the Miller Lite website.

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