The Busch Beer Company want to hook you up with not only free beer for a day but free beer for LIFE! That's if you can find their pop-up shop in the woods. So many businesses have started creating popups at music festivals, special events and other gatherings of people. These pop-ups are a great way to promote their products and businesses in a social media-friendly way. Busch Beer is getting in on the action, with their first hidden pop-up shop happening somewhere in the United States.

The key here is SOMEWHERE in the United States.

On July 20th, Busch Beer will have a "hidden" pop-up shop in a national forest located in the United States. The pop-up will be happening during the day form 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. People who want to find it must use the clues being given on their Twitter then head out into the forest!

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