An Albuquerque teen was arrested after he illegally pulled over a vehicle that he says he caught speeding. An Albuquerque police officer was patrolling near Fourth Street and I-40 when he saw a traffic stop in progress that he said didn't look right. When he pulled up to the scene, he found a young man who identified himself as a Bernalillo County sheriff in the middle of a traffic stop.

The man identified himself as Brenden Wysynski, a three-year member of the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office according to the Daily Mail. The officer had trouble believing him since the vehicle wasn't a law enforcement vehicle, he had no uniform and all he had on him was a small star badge on his hip. When questioned about his lack of identification, he simply told the officer he was "under-equipped." After speaking to the teen, he finally confessed that he wasn't a law enforcement official, and that he had bought the phony badge online. He said he saw the vehicle speeding down the road and decided to pull over the occupant of the car. Turns out, the "officer" was only 18-years-old. He was arrested and has pled not guilty. his trial will be in six weeks, according to KRQE News.


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