An Albuquerque dad and step-mom have been arrested after their 5 year-old son showed up to a hospital drunk.

The details of this abuse case are shocking.

A little boy showed up at a hospital in Albuquerque drunk off mouthwash. He told hospital workers and police that he was so thirsty that he had to drink the mouthwash. He also says he was so thirsty he drank the water from the toilet too.

Police have uncovered a terrible story of abuse after a 5-year-old boy showed up at the hospital drunk.

That boy was drunk off mouthwash, so thirsty and neglected he was forced to drink it. He says he was also forced to drink water from the toilet. Police say that the 5 year-old and his siblings immediately told authorities about all the abuse they've endured since they were born. The kids told authorities they were beaten with hangers, shoes and other things. On the day he ended up at the hospital, his blood alcohol level was .2 blood alcohol level after drinking the mouth washing.

The Albuquerque Police Department said that they had been called to the family's apartment seven times in 3 years, with two being welfare checks on the children. Doctors at the hospital said that the boy had scars on him that showed the abuse had been happening for years.

KRQE News 13 reported that the 5 year-old and his siblings were now in the custody of the state and staying with a foster family. When the children were asked why they didn't tell anyone about what was happening at home, they said their parents told them, "snitches get switches."

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