A shocking find for one couple in New Mexico after they found a baby alligator near the Rio Grande river. Animal Welfare in New Mexico received a shocking call a week ago when a couple found a creature that is not native to the land. On Sunday, a baby gator was found near the Rio Grande. The couple who found the reptile placed the gator in a trashcan until they found a more suitable enclosure, a fish tank. They then called Animal Welfare who decided the safest thing for the community was to pick up the baby gator.

Many people in the community are wondering, how the heck the baby gator got there in the first place? Here's what Erin McKay from the Animal Welfare Department told KRQE News:

“If I had to take a guess, this guy might be someone’s pet that took on something a little bit more than they could handle and they placed them somewhere they might think might fare well in the wild."

The baby gator has been named Albert and has been taken to a rescue operation in Colorado. No word on if this will be his permanent home or if he will be sent to a different longterm facility in te future.

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