Last week U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions let it be known that he would be rolling back an Obama-era policy that federal law enforcement agencies not to pursue marijuana charges in states where marijuana had been either legalized or decriminalized.

So, in California, people have been smoking “medicinal” marijuana for nearly two decades. In Colorado and Oregon, straight up declared recreational marijuana to be legal. California followed suit last week.

But, did you know…

While marijuana may be “legal” in various states, it is still very much against the federal laws. Meaning, at any point during the legalized era, federal authorities like the DEA or ICE could have gone in and started raiding dispensaries, making arrests and, possibly, sending people to prison. A big part of that NOT happening has been the Cole Memo which instructed federal agencies not to go after marijuana users in the states which had legalized or decriminalized it.

This could all change. Jeff Sessions, who has said, “Good people don’t use marijuana” hates pot like he’s the antagonist in a Cheech and Chong movie. He could, although he hasn’t yet, make cracking down on pot in states that have legalized it a priority.

I don’t think he will, though, and this is where we get out in the weeds a little bit. I’m not guaranteeing that this is how it will play out but it’s my current pet theory and I want to get it posted and time-stamped so I can come back and say I TOLD YOU SO, just in case.

Here goes.

Sessions actually does hate pot and thinks people who use it are criminals. Trump, I think, doesn’t really care one way or another. What Trump does care about is ending the Mueller Russia investigation. He would have like to have fired Sessions back when he recused himself and has been very openly kvetching about it ever since. I think the only reason Trump didn’t fire Sessions back then was because someone, SOMEHOW, convinced him that that would look terrible, like a Nixon Saturday Night Massacre only way, way dumber. And you remember how that worked out for Nixon.

I think this might be Trump’s deal with Sessions: “You go after the legal pot trade which is something you really believe in. There’ll be a YUUUGE outcry, then I’ll step in and fire you for ‘usurping the will of the voters’ or something. You get to stand up for your principals and, since I don’t have any principals, it’ll give me cover to claim that this isn’t about Russia which, of course, it is. “

So look for Sessions to go after legal weed, get fired and get a nickname from Trump. My money is on “Jeff the Square, man”.

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