This dude holds the record for Most DGAF (Doesn't Give a F--k) Drummer in history… and he’s in a punk band! It takes effort to care this little about playing and with one leg up on the bass drum, he turned being chill into performance art.

This band is Parálisis Permanente, a post-punk act from Spain that gained some notoriety in the early ‘80s. They were only around for a few years, but are credited with pioneering the dark punk sound of Spain’s La Movida Madrileña countercultural movement. Formed in 1981, Parálisis Permanente recorded two EPs and one full-length album, breaking up in 1983 after guitarist Eduardo Benavente was killed in a car accident.

The drummer you see above is Toti Arboles. With his ridiculous drum setup, he’s jamming “Adictos a la lujuria” on Spanish TV. Like with most TV performances in the ‘80s, the band is just miming along to their studio track, so Toti seemingly decided to ham it up.

If you look close, you can see he’s not even hitting his drums most of the time. Toti’s snare is at an angle on his left side, he’s got no rack or floor toms, no hi-hat and his cymbals are like 10 feet up in the sky. He’s basically air-drumming his way through the song, bouncing his sticks off his kit’s shells when he actually makes contact with something. At the end of the track, Toti just stands up and says “screw it,” cementing his DGAF status in the annals of punk history.

The song isn’t bad either, so watch Parálisis Permanente’s TV jam of “Adictos a la lujuria” in the clip above.

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