It's an old parlor game people have been playing for years. "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" The premise is simple. You name an actor or actress and then someone else has to make a link between them and Kevin Bacon within 6 degrees.

So for Kevin Bacon's 59th birthday, we decided to play the game. However, with the Internet, the game has completely changed. There's a website now called The Oracle of Bacon that will make the connection for you.

However, just because the website exists, doesn't mean the game can't be played. You just change the rules slightly. Rather than trying to connect the dots between the actor/actress and Kevin Bacon, try to come up with someone who has a Bacon Number higher than 2. Seriously, go to the website and try to find one. it's almost impossible. We did find one though thanks to a listener. A lady by the name of Mary Pickford.

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