In a recent survey, Americans were asked if they would prefer not exchanging gifts with their loved ones this year. And surprisingly, most said no gifts necessary.

The holidays can be a stressful time for most people, from decorating, baking, traveling and having to buy gifts for your loved ones you can be pressed for time. When looking at all the things you have to do, that's why many Americans are saying they'd rather not spend the time and money on presents and actually be present with their loved ones instead. 60% of people said they would take the time they usually spend running around looking for presents actually with their loved ones instead. So sure, you're not going to get that random tie or sweater that isn't even really your style but maybe you get to make dinner or watch a movie with that person instead. Movie night on the couch with a home cooked meal? Way better than that ugly pair of socks they bought on Black Friday they bought at a discounted, yet inflated price. Another great thing about not buying a present for someone is the money you spend on a present won't break the bank because you don't have to spend the money anyways. 43% of people said when they go out buying presents for people they actually spend more money than they can afford. If people didn't have to spend that money on the gifts, what exactly would they use their money towards.

And it’s pretty apparent the whole concept of gift giving can be stressful for people. In fact, 43% of people who give gifts over the holidays say they feel pressured to spend more money than they can actually afford, which is actually down from 46% last year. And if they didn’t have to spend that money, 25% would use it towards activities with friends and family, while 37% would put it towards their debt, and another 47% would save or invest it.

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