Oh so many holiday things to get to on this episode of The After Buzz.

  • Safety tips for the holiday season.
  • The perfect rules for a White Elephant party, which can be found by CLICKING HERE.
  • We're talking about Christmas Movie Madness! The tournament to find out the best Christmas movie is down to the final 8, and we'll be getting that down to the final 4 on Friday morning's show. You can go vote by CLICKING HERE.
  • I talk about the awesome twins I got to babysit before I moved to El Paso. One story in particular was what I was really talking about. One twin was sleeping, the other was playing quietly. Well, the one that was playing quietly had a massive poop blowout all the way up her back. I eventually have to cut her out of her shirt because she gets stuck when I try to take it off.
  • And to wrap things up I'm talking about Christmas traditions and best Christmases.

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