MoSho a Step Closer to Eating “World’s Stinkiest Fruit”

We’ve had a development in our quest to try durian, also known as “the world’s most disgusting smelling fruit”.

The raw durian fruit is almost impossible to find in the United States. Even in Asia where some (emphasis on SOME) people consider it a delicacy, the durian is banned from most hotels and airplanes. Just having a durian in your possession is close enough to transporting a biohazard that you’re not allowed to take it around other humans. And that’s in the only part of the world where it’s even considered edible!

Our quest to try durian began when we read a story (LINK TO: ) about an airline flight in Malaysia that had to be delayed because passengers refused to board due to the “overwhelming stench of durian fruit coming from the cargo hold”.

We’re still hoping that we can, at some future juncture, procure an actual durian fruit in it’s natural, stanky-ass form. In the meantime, one of our listeners sent us a package of “processed waver made from durian extract” that she found at a local Asian market. She included a nice, hand-written note (which we read during the video) explaining that she and her daughter heard us talking about it on the air. They wanted to try it. It was “disgusting”. And, they sent the rest of it to us.

As you will see in the video, durian wafer will NOT be replacing ‘Nilla wafers in OUR pantries any time soon.

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