Buzz was home feeling sick yesterday from the medication he's on for his bum foot. We decided to cheer him up by pimping out his new scooter! Buzz has been struggling to get around for weeks now after he took dog sedatives and crumbled onto the floor severely hurting his ankle. Well, ankle, foot and all the toes on said foot. He's been using a flimsy knee scooter around the station and had complained about how wobbly he felt when taking turns. His scooter has now been upgraded thanks to a friend of his who had one available. Since he was out yesterday, we decided to grab some crafting supplies and bedazzle the heck out of his new scooter. With new pink tassels, a pig horn, rhinestones, tinsel and more we pimped out  Buzz's new ride. Check out the video of the scooter being decorated above.

After the show, we took the scooter outside to see how fast we can get the scooter to go. Turns out, it's a lot faster than we first expected. Which was scary to be riding on. We're just glad I didn't go flying through the window of the station at the end of the parking lot. Next up? Scooter races now that we have two scooters ready to go.

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