I've seen a lot of things when it comes to mixed martial arts. I've seen things from the amazing, to the downright disrespectful. Like when Paul Daley hit Josh Koscheck long after the fight was over. It was blatant enough that Daley was banned from the UFC. I mean, don't get me wrong, I think Koscheck is a giant douchebag, but that just vaulted Daley well above Kos on the douche-meter.

Well, this one might trump even that. If you aren't familiar with AXS TV Fights, don't worry, you aren't the only one. AXS TV originally went by HDNet when it first came on the air back in 2001. It switched over to AXS TV in July of 2012, when the channel moved from being a "guy oriented" channel, to more about music, pop-culture, and lifestyle.

During a fight over this past weekend, after a fight was over, the "winner" of the fight, Drew Chatman, does a front flip off the back of his opponent who is knocked out. What's funny, is the knock out almost look to be a bit of a fluke. But it doesn't matter if it was, you don't do this, and Chatman ended up getting disqualified.

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