The family that gets married together, stays together?

You may remember back in November we told you about the lovely Spann family. The mother married her daughter in Lawton once same-sex marriage became legal there. This wasn't a legit they're in love type of marriage, instead they admitted it was to defraud the state of Oklahoma for money. It was basically to get more money for health care coverage as a married couple.

The two were married in Lawton back in 2016 and the mother, Patricia Spann, listed her name as Patricia Ann Clayton on the marriage license to attempt to get around getting caught.

By the way, eight years earlier, Patricia married her son. She lost contact with her children for several years because of that, but reconnected with her daughter Misty and came up with this plan to defraud the state.

26-year-old Misty Span plead guilty to incest charges as a part of a plea deal in November of 2017 and is on probation until 2027. Patricia went to trial, but ended up taking a plea deal this past Tuesday (3/13). Patricia Spann will serve two years in prison followed by eight years of probation. She will also have to register as a sex offender following her release.

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