Everyone is familiar with trying to order ice cream from McDonald's only to be told that it is unavailable because the machine is broken. However, what if a more important machine, like the soda machine, was broken?

According to a TikTok posted by @ronaldmcnugget1, if the soda machine isn’t working, they will continue to serve the drinks, but it will be done in a different way. The video shows a Mcdonald's worker pouring what looks like two large drinks. Rather than setting the drinks under the machine to fill, they are simply filling them up from a two-liter bottle.

Based on many comments on the video, this isn’t an uncommon practice. Apparently, the soda machines break more often than you would think, and serving the drinks like this, or even by handing out cans of soda, are ways they work around it. I think this is a smart workaround because unlike the slight inconvenience of not being able to order ice cream when you want, many people would be more upset if they couldn’t get a drink with their order.

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Some people also commented on the video saying how people would be able to tell the difference between the soda that comes from the bottle vs. the machine. There are people out there that strongly believe McDonald's Coke and Sprite tastes different than what you can buy from the store.

I'm not enough of a soda connoisseur to tell the difference myself, but people that drink it every day might be able to. I think that is just up to the people working to inform their customers that the machine is down, but they can serve it to them from the bottle if they want. Then, the customer can turn it down rather than be met with a surprise.

Either way, I think it's smart to just send someone to the store to pick up some two-liters of soda in order to ensure they can serve their customers. Despite the caption of the video, I don't think it's "ghetto" at all.

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