What a time to be alive!

Whataburger has released a new limited-edition spicy ketchup and things in Texas are about to get much, much hotter. Thank goodness, because this weather is definitely not.

According to an article by KXXV out of San Antonio, the new ketchup will come in a white and black packet and is flavored with hot sauce. Hell yeah! I'm all about it. I live for the regular spicy ketchup they have and this is definitely going to boost the Whataburger grub game I like to play late at night when nobody is watching.

The new Spicy Ketchup Limited Batch #2 is limited, so you had better put on your comfy stretchy pants and hit up your nearest Whataburger to get yourself some of that sweet spicy ketchup action.

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Just when you think Whataburger couldn't be more delicious, they throw some other dope-ass s@&* on the menu to hook you all over again. That BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich has my name all over it. I don't understand how the hell they make it so good, but I'm here for it, and I know you guys are, too.

Have you tried the new ketchup yet? Is it friggin' amazing? We would love to hear from you! Comment below or on our Facebook page with a photo of you enjoying the new spicy ketchup, or at least just a review of whether or not it should be on the menu for life. Also, what's your favorite thing on the menu? I keep sticking to my old favorites, but maybe it's time to expand.

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The items are available year round, but make sure you're grabbing breakfast items and lunch items during those respective times.

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