Are Exodus the "shitty Metallica"? One character on Cobra Kai apparently seems to think so.

And the in-universe reference from the Karate Kid-adjacent streaming TV series tickled Exodus guitarist Gary Holt enough that he shared a video of the scene in question with his social media followers.

In the clip from the show that reunites original Karate Kid actors Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, someone gets upset at another person for loudly playing Exodus, negatively referring to the band with respect to their California thrash metal counterparts in Metallica.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

"RAD!!" Holt remarked last week on Instagram of Cobra Kai's Exodus name-drop. "One of my favorite shows just threw a massive Exodus reference! So sick!"

In the scene (minor spoilers ahead), the recurring character of Raymond (also known as "Stingray," played by Paul Walter Hauser) is confronted by a neighbor who complains to him that someone was "blaring shitty Metallica all night." Raymond unsympathetically responds, "Yeah, that was actually Exodus' Bonded by Blood. But it's not your fault, you don't know the genre."

Bonded by Blood is the 1985 debut studio album from the Bay Area metal band, now widely regarded as one of the best thrash metal albums of all time. And Exodus still perform together to this day — they released new album Persona Non Grata, their 11th, last year.

Of course, Metallica are still around, too. Last year, they released a remastered reissue of their 1991 "Black Album" and celebrated their 40th anniversary as a band.

Cobra Kai is available on Netflix and is now in its fourth season. It has already been renewed for a fifth.

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