Texans on Twitter were not okay when Kylie Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods tried Whataburger for the 1st time while traveling from the El Paso airport to New Mexico. It is the age old question, which is better- Whataburger or In N Out? If you talk to someone from California, they will argue all about that fresh meat and animal style fries from In N Out. Grab someone from Texas, and the Patty Melts and Whataburger fries will make their mouth water. You will never really hear a correct answer or get anyone to agree so the argument will continue on until the end of time it seems like. Jordyn Woods is a model and best known as the BFF of the youngest Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner. The gorgeous 20 year-old is busy with a brand new activewear line she recently announced she's launching and she's been seen on "Keeping up with the Kardashians," "Life of Kylie" and all over social media with many of the sisters. On her Twitter Wednesday, Jordyn posted that she arrived in Texas, but was going somewhere in New Mexico.

Anyone who has traveled the area could have guessed it was the El Paso airport, considering the fact that you normally fly into the El Paso airport to travel to anywhere in Southern New Mexico. If she were to have gone anywhere in Northern New Mexico, she would have most likely flew into the Albuqerque airport instead. She made that guess even easier by calling out El Paso's very own Khalid in her next tweet saying she "found" the artist, which we assumed meant on a billboard, but when checking out her Instagram, he was in the car next to her! Turns out we had a few celebrities in El Paso yesterday. Her next tweet confirmed that she was indeed in the Sun City:

At first many fans on Twitter were excited to see that the young social media influencer was in El Paso and many people were wondering what she was doing in the area. Many were excited to find out that she was in the area and in the Lone State. Unfortunately that excited was short lived, when her next tweet brought up the Texas favorite- Whataburger. That tweet is the one that really got people's attention:

After seeing Jordyn's extremely incorrect thoughts on the Texas staple Whataburger, people were shocked and appalled to see how quick she was to decide that the burger chain was not the best she has ever had. I mean the first question I have for her...Jordyn girl, what did you order? After her tweet was seen by many Texans, her Texas and California fans began voicing their opinions on the In N Out, Whataburger debate....

now everyone from Texas will argue with you — Jocelyn (@JocelynStitches) February 22, 2018


Trippin — (@Indiiiiatf) February 22, 2018


It's a Texas thing Jordyn... You wouldn't understand — MO Del O (@32_mo) February 22, 2018


Jordyn are you serious? :/ you probably didn’t try the Patty Melt???? — Shirley Michelle (@babemichellex) February 22, 201


But what did you have tho???? That’s crucial — Marissa Jeans (@MarissaaRaeJ) February 22, 2018


but please get out of Texas, we don’t like you either — jenae (@theviolentbia) February 22, 2018


Girl in and out don’t even have bacon if you want it. Y’all don’t know good burgers! — jenae (@theviolentbia) February 22, 2018


Your taste buds are messed up bc of your new eating lifestyle. Whataburger is wayyyy better! — Shelia (@shortcake9265) February 22, 2018


Jordyn I love you. Why would you break my heart. @Whataburger is 100x better! — Angela Rose (@angexplicit) February 22, 2018


this is strike one for u bby girl — Perlaa (@ohmyitsperlaa) February 22, 2018


You’re so disrespectful.. — Genevieve (@duubleg5) February 22, 2018


oh honey texas about to rip your mentions to shreds — r (@radgalrikki) February 22, 2018


Nooo babe Whataburger is The Besttt!


In n out taste like white people food without any flavor lol especially their cheese fries suck:/ — Amber☯ (@amberbarreiro) February 22, 2018


You literally offended every Texan — baby.deeee (@DominiqueZahara) February 22, 2018


Girl, you can keep those nasty throw up looking things you call 'animal fries'. They don't compare to bacon on my burger and spicy ketchup. You triiiiiippppiiinnn — ? (@jrubbers12) February 22, 2018


@Whataburger is EVERYTHING. And since you’re in El Paso I would go to @ChicosTacos next. — alyssa___camille (@alyssacamille) February 22, 2018

In the end, she did agree that Whataburger does have the California food chain beat on one thing:

Twitter User @jordynwoods
Twitter User @jordynwoods

That's something I think we can all agree on. Rage on, fast food war. But Whataburger is still better. The End.

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