Jacoby Shaddix: "A Lot Of People Didn't Like Fred Durst" Not Nu Metal

Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix sat down with KLAQ's Lisa Sanchez to discuss why the nu metal genre gets such a bad rap, their new album and how "Help" has become an anthem for their fans.

Papa Roach performed this past weekend at KLAQ's Downtown Street Festival in El Paso, Texas. KLAQ's Lisa Sanchez sat down with the band before their performance and talked about growing up in a middle class town, their new album and their hit song "Help."

Papa Roach also talked about the nu metal genre and why they think it got such a bad reputation back in the mid 90's and early 2000's. Jacoby Shaddix responded:

"A lot of people didn't like Fred Durst. Really and truly. Like, that was real bad and everyone was hating on him. He was kind of like 'Why you wanna hate me?' You know, he was kind of the poster boy for the genre. So if people wanted to take pot shots at it, it was easy you know. But I got nothing but love and respect for him. And for us it's like, at the time, we were the bands that were selling millions of records and when you're selling millions of records like, people wanna...you know...when you're at the top people want to throw rocks. You know what I'm saying? So, kick rocks."

Jacoby also talked about how there seem to be bands out there that are embracing the nu metal sound and how Papa Roach brought some of that into the new album:

"P. Roach is always about progression and evolution. We're not trying to bring back the old days at all, but we definitely went back and I guess brought some of the old school elements into the music. Without just trying to go 'Alright now we're old school again' We've got to maintain a progressive vibe, but you know there are some rad bands we're influenced by..."

The band also talked about their future plans on tour, and an awesome idea they have to start working with local youth in the cities they play in:

"Over the course of the next year, we're going to start running some competitions with local high schools and bringing out the best, illest marching band in each city that we perform in. Because we want to highlight youth, culture and the arts in school. Because they keep pulling the money from it and it's like, man, it's just such a positive thing for our youth to be involved in. I was in school band and stuff like that and we want to put a spotlight on that. And it's cool to collaborate with the youth."

Check out the entire interview with Papa Roach above.

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