The heat around the United States has been intense, and many aren't used to the temperatures. The NWT decided to show people how hot it can get in your car. There is an intense heat wave happening around the United States right now and many aren't used to the heat. Not being familiar with this type of weather can be deadly, with many not familiar with how dangerous hot weather can be. People living in hot climates are more familiar with how to stay cool and safe in the heat, but others in colder climates are not. This could be an issue this summer, when temperatures are uncharacteristically hot and people might not know what to do. The National Weather Service in Omaha, Nebraska realized this and made a point by showing how hot it can get inside of a car this summer.

Leaving people and animals in cars during the summer heat can be dangerous, and the National Weather Service in Omaha wanted to demonstrate the heat effects. This week, their Twitter decided to attempt to bake biscuits in the heat of a car parked outside during the day in Omaha. They placed four biscuits on a baking sheet and after about 45 minutes the dough began rising.

An hour in and the pan was about 175 degrees and the biscuits were at 153 degrees internally. After 8 hours in the sun, the biscuits turned a golden brown on the outside, but still doughy in the middle. The baking sheet reached 185 degrees and the car was consistently an intense temperature, even when in the shade! Many were following the Omaha biscuit saga and gave their input on what cooks best in the sun. Turns out, cookies are the best option to cook in a hot car. Plus, the smell must be intoxicating afterwards.

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