Now that the Combine is over, it's time for the mock draft talk and rumors to really ramp up. One thing I find funny is when something leaks out that a team is either interested in a certain player or position. Why in the world would a team leak this info, other than to get other teams to react to it?

Well, at this time of year, all we really have to work with is rumors, so let's run with it. One rumor is the Cowboys are looking at the wide receiver position. I've seen lots of blogs and articles about drafting a wide receiver in the first round being a bad idea because it'll more than likely be a bust.

That might not be the case. Let's go back to 2010, the year Dez Bryant was drafted. Since then, there have been 30 wide receivers taken in the first round. You can't really look at the past couple of years as busts quite yet, but we'll include them anyway. Just looking at the 2014 draft, you can see lots of talent taken in the first round. That year you had Mike Evans, Odell Beckham Jr., and Brandin Cooks all taken in the first round.

If you are able to get a play maker in the draft, it can be a huge benefit to the team, because you get them on a rookie deal that comes cheap. The one thing you don't want to do is dump a ton of money in a wide receiver, handcuffing your cap space.

So, if Dez wants to make a ton of money and the Cowboys can find a home run wide receiver in the first round, I say let Dez move on, and draft the receiver. You're more likely to set your team back overpaying a free agent receiver, than drafting one in the first round.


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