This has been a discussion on and off air with the show. It even got to the point that we had a bet going about it. Buzz has a Ford Thunderbird that is just parked in his driveway, slowly deteriorating away. He claims he can't take care of it because he can't get into the trunk. That's complete garbage, because that car had been it awful shape since I moved here over 2 years ago.

The reason Buzz says he can't get into the car is the battery is dead and is located in the trunk. And he can't get into the trunk when the battery is dead because the trunk is connected to the motor.

Anyway, the bet was, if myself, Lisa, and Joanna could get the trunk popped for Buzz in less than 30 minutes, he had to let Joanna borrow the car for two months and one day. One month for the work put in by myself and Joanna, and one day because Lisa would show up and not do anything.

Well, for a few different reasons, that bet fell through. But, I still had to show Buzz how to get into his trunk when the battery is dead.

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