And apparently, this isn't as weird as it sounds. A Democratic candidate for State Representative in South Texas reportedly was donated more than $87,000 in campaign donations. The weird part? Nearly half of those donations were made up of deer semen. Ana Lisa Garza is a Starr County district court judge and is looking to challenge Rio Grande City Democrat Ryan Guillen for State Representative District 31, a seat he has held for eight terms. According to the Dallas News, Garza has received $51,000 in frozen deer semen straws, valued at $1,000 per straw from various deer breeders. Just in case you were wondering, some of the deer that donated had cool names like Gladiator Sunset, Sweet Dreams and Bandit.

As strange as this sounds, this is apparently common in Texas. Texas deer breeder Fred Gonzalez spoke to the Dallas News and said that one buck's "collection" could yield 60 straws, that are then sold at auction. The money from those sales is then donated to the political campaigns. Even with her donated deer sperm money, Garza lost the March 6th primary to Ryan Guillen. Hopefully if she decides to run again, or if anyone runs again we will hear about more candidates getting donated deer sperm bank money because these stories should be advertised a lot more in the future.


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