When  did this ever seem like a good idea?!

A new video posted online shows just how far someone will go for a good video- or how stupid someone really is. In the video, a man decides it would be a good idea to shoot a refrigerator filled with Tannerite with an assault rifle. Tannerite is an exploding target that many use for firearms practice, so shooting it isn't unusual, but putting it inside of a fridge is. Many gun owners use Tannerite, but not many fill up a fridge with the binary explosive. In the video you can see exactly why NOT.

Once the mans hits the target, it takes less than a second for the door of the fridge to come flying across the field and nearly hit the shooter. Luckily for him, he's standing behind a tree when the explosion happens and the door narrowly misses him. One Youtube commentor ThreeChe summed up exactly how fast that door could be flying:

"If the fridge is 50 yards away. The fridge door reaches him in about 1 second. So 150 feet/second = about 100 mph. Not sure how much that thing weighs, but safe to say it'd probably leave a mark."

The video was posted only two days and ago and has already received over 600,000 views on Youtube. It's not known exactly where the video was filmed, although the men in the footage seem to have a Southern accent.

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