Matthew McConaughey will be teaching at the University of Texas at Austin and many people want to know- how much are they paying him? Matthew McConaughey is an award-winning actor and a well-known lover of the Lone Star state. He has been a guest instructor at UT Austin since 2015 but earlier this year, they made him an official, full-time staff member. He will be teaching his "Script to Screen" film class, which will look at his films "The Gentlemen" and "Mud." McConaughey was also named the Minister of Cultural Affairs at UT Austin.

While many are excited to see McConaughey on campus, some are wondering just how much the university is spending to employ the celebrity. According to KVUE, his salary is a lot less than his typical Hollywood movie paycheck. Matthew McConaughey will be receiving $12,009.60 for the year- or about $6,000 a paycheck.

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