The couple walked into the mall, a walked out with the Harley.

A theft at a New Mexico mall has left managers scratching their heads as to how a couple of thieves could simply walk into the mall, and walk out with a Harley Davidson motorcycle. A man and a woman were first seen at the High Plains Harley Davidson store in Clovis, New Mexico where they stole a pair of Harley Davidson shirts. From there, they walked into the North Plains Mall around 9:30 p.m. last  Thursday evening and walked up to a display Harley Davidson inside the mall. The couple proceeded to load the bike on a dolly then simply walked it out of the mall. No one in the mall said anything to the couple and they loaded the Harley into their truck bed and drove off. The Harley-Davidson motorcycle was worth $18,000.

Joe Borem, store manager of the High Plains Harley-Davidson said he's never heard of anything like this,

“It’s pretty crazy, we’ve never had something like this happen before and we never anticipated it happening, especially the way it happened. Nobody ever thought that it would be stolen like that or taken away at 9:30 at night so they never questioned it."

Police say the suspects are a Hispanic male and a white female and the High Plains Harley Davidson store took to Facebook to ask for help locating the stolen bike. They're asking anyone with information to please contact the store or the Clovis Police Department.


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