This morning, Loudwire hit one million subscribers on YouTube. We’d like to thank you all for sticking with us all these years, and to celebrate, Loudwire OG Graham Hartmann is going through his best and worst interview moments from the last seven years.

Back when Loudwire started putting videos on YouTube, we had no cameramen, no mics, no audio engineers, no video editors… we didn’t even have a proper camera. We shot on a Flip video camera and I edited it ourselves with iMovie. Our 2012 interview with GWAR’s Oderus Urungus looks like garbage and sounds like straight ass, but at least you can watch a fresh faced, 24-year-old Graham (he looks 12) interview a grotesque space monster in 144p.

Fun fact: Graham almost cancelled a 2015 interview with Corey Taylor to rush himself to the hospital. That morning, he started having brutal chest pains, exactly like when he suffered from a collapsed lung three previous times in his life. Making it through the pain, Graham persevered through the interview and the YouTube clips from that sit-down with Corey Taylor have since racked up over six million views. Thankfully, despite some irregularities in his lungs, Graham didn’t have a collapse that day.

Graham believes if his gravestone is fitted with a computer screen, the Philip AnselmoWikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ interview will be played there on an infinite loop. The clip is peak Graham awkwardness, with Anselmo cracking the interviewer’s knuckles and threatening to fight him while telling some of the best stories in Wiki history. Of course, that’s nothing compared to how Part Two ended.

Check out Graham’s 10 Best + Worst Interview Moments in the video above.

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