I grew up not being able to pump my own gas. True story. In Oregon, you aren't allowed to pump your own gas. You have to let an attendant do it for you. They recently changed the law so that in some rural areas of Oregon you are allowed to pump your own gas, which leaves just New Jersey as the only state you aren't allowed.

So, for the other 48 states, here are some things you shouldn't do while filling up.

  1. Not touching your are first. You would be amazed at how dangerous a spark can be around gas. And you sliding across your seat can cause static electricity to build, which can cause a spark. So make sure you touch the metal part of your car with your bare hand before pumping to get rid of the static build up.
  2. Using your phone at the pump. While it's not likely your phone will create a spark big enough to cause a fire, it is likely you'll forget to take the pump out before you pull away if you're buried in your phone.
  3. Topping off the tank to a round number. Remember the old Jerry Seinfeld commercial where he gets "the perfect pump!"? He gets it to a perfect round number. Then he proceeds to fill it up more to prove that you don't need a round number when you're paying with a debit card. Well, you shouldn't add gas no matter what. For one, if you put too much in, it'll spill all over your car and the ground. And secondly, gas expands inside your tank, so your risking leakage if you put too much in to begin with.
  4. Not locking you doors while pumping gas. If you aren't familiar with 'sliding', well, it's the reason you want to lock your doors. Criminals will pull up to your car, open your passenger door, and rob you. It's more likely to happen to women because they're usually looking for purses, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

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