Have Ghost recruited a female ghoul into their Satanic cult? That’s the word going around! On top of that, the new bassist is rumored to be a well-known musician.

One thing is for sure, Ghost have a new bassist. The new ghoul is more slight of frame than the last being who held down the band’s low end and this ghoul certainly has a more feminine presence. The four-stringer debuted during Ghost’s current ‘Popestar’ tour and the alleged “she” stepped into the light yesterday (Sept. 18) at the Rock Allegiance festival in Chester, Pa.

Right now, there are two suspects in question. One is Sean Yseult, the original bassist for White Zombie, who stayed until the band’s demise in 1998. The appeal for Yseult is obvious, as White Zombie and Ghost share a deep affinity for horror. Yseult responded to rumors that she’s Ghost’s newest ghoul via Twitter:

The other name being thrown around is Linnéa Olsson, former guitarist for The Oath.

Whoever the new bassist is, the ghoul has succeeded in adding a new layer of mystery to the Swedish act. Fans still have no idea how many ghouls have passed through the chapel of Ghost… but that’s just part of the fun, isn’t it?

Ghost just released their new Popestar EP, featuring four cover songs plus the brand new track, “Square Hammer.” Click here to grab a copy of the EP and be sure to catch Ghost on their ‘Popestar’ North American tour.

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