All That Remains are going from The Order of Things to things being ordered. The band just announced a new PledgeMusic campaign so that fans can stay up to date and get a little more for their pledges as they record their eighth studio album.

“We are thrilled to announce that we are well into the process of creating our eighth studio album – #ATRVIII, and we want to share the experience with you," state the band, who promise to offer behind the scenes access via photos, videos and song listens to their recording sessions for those who pledge for one of the incentivized items in their campaign.

As you can see at their PledgeMusic site, the band offers things as minimal as the new album and bundle packages to bigger ticket items like a full band acoustic show, signed instruments, a sports day or dinner with the band. There are also some more unique items like a Skyped Libertarian philosophy session with vocalist Phil Labonte, personal training sessions with band members and Skype guitar lessons.

To learn more, visit the band's PledgeMusic site here, and stay tuned for information on the official release of their album when it is made available.

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