I was a huge Sons of Anarchy fan. I didn't get into that series until season 3, but whoa man, what a season premiere that one was. At that time, I played video games with a group of friends almost every night, and one of them was already a huge SoA fan. As I was waiting for the show to end so he could jump online, I decided to check it out. Holy crap. Action all over the damn place. I was hooked in just the final 10 minutes of the first episode of season 3.

Well, I'm not waiting around this time. I'm gonna be there from the beginning with Mayans MC. If you aren't familiar with any of the story, the Mayans are a rival/friendly MC (motorcycle club) with the Sons of Anarchy. Depending on when you'd watch SoA, you would see them either teaming up, or trying to kill each other.

Mayans MC takes place after SoA, and revolves around Ezekiel "EZ" Reyes, who is fresh out of prison and is a prospect in the Mayans MC chapter along the Cali/Mexico border.

Former El Pasoan VIncent 'Rocco' Vargas plays GIlberto 'Gilly' Lopez in Mayans MC. And as you wait to watch the series premiere of Mayans MC, you can enjoy the time Vincent 'Rocco' Vargas joined me on one of the very episodes of The After Buzz.


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