While Disturbed have no plans to tour before the end of 2018 in support of their new album Evolution, they will "be hitting the road pretty hard at the beginning of" next year. Guitarist Dan Donegan recently spoke to South Carolina radio station 93.3 Planet Rocks, during which he confirmed the band's eventual plans.

"We are doing Austin City Limits in October, and we will be playing with Metallica, which is, obviously, a huge opportunity for us," he explained. "We didn't really plan on doing much touring this year, but when that opportunity came up, of course, that's undeniable. I think we instantly said, 'Of course. We'd love to do that.' So we might look into potentially building a few shows around the release date [of Evolution] and around that show."

He continued, "But [for] the majority of the touring, we're trying to finalize routing now. We'll be hitting the road pretty hard at the beginning of the year. And the majority of next year will probably be all the territories that we usually hit throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Europe [and] Russia. We're gonna try to squeeze in as much as we can in all of 2019, and we'll see if it takes us into the following year or where we're at when next year ends." You can listen to the interview in full below.

Evolution is due out Oct. 19. (Pre-orders are on sale now.) The band released a new song, "Are You Ready," in accompaniment with the album's announcement.

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