Whenever I find a story about how to get a better sleep, I feel the need to blog about it just with the chance that Buzz might stumble on it and take it to heart. Well, HERE IS ONE about certain foods that will keep you up at night.

  1. Fruits and vegetables - Yes, the things that you probably aren't eating enough of will keep you up at night. It's because they are filled with water, especially items like melons or cucumbers. This is like drinking a big glass of water right before bed. You'll most likely have to wake up to use the bathroom.
  2. Simple starches like bread, potatoes, and rice - These will help you feel tired and fall asleep, initially. But they also will cause your blood sugar to spike, which will disturb your sleep.
  3. Bed fats from fried foods and butter - These tend to give you the worst sleep of all foods. It's the opposite of the Mediterranean diet, which is filled with good fats like fish and nuts.

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