Five Finger Death Punch's Chris Kael talks about their new album, "And Justice For None," their Offspring cover and what other songs he'd like the band to cover. Five Finger Death Punch is a band that is as powerful in concert as their name would lead you to think. The nonstop energy from every guy on stage pulls you in and keeps your undivided attention for the entire duration of their set, and that's exactly what happened at this past weekend's Las Rageous festival in Las Vegas. The crowd was boiling over with excitement to see their hometown guys lose it all over the outdoor stage and the band exceeded all expectations. Before their performance, Chris Kael sat down to talk about their seventh studio album, And Justice For None, that's dropping on May 18th.

Chris said the new music was done back in December 2016, but due to the band's lawsuit, they were able to go back in and write more songs for the album. Kael also discussed what songs he would like to cover on future albums:

"Me personally I would like to do 'Angel of Death,' by Slayer that would be fun for me. Or maybe just 'Reign In Blood.' I don't know, who knows where it's going to go honestly."

Kael explained how the band chooses the Offspring song "Gone Away" for the new album":

"That's an Offspring song and Ivan is a HUGE Offspring fan....It's basically things we enjoyed when we were growing up, and you want to be able to give it your own spin and kind of make it its own, which is what I think we did on 'Gone Away.' The lyrics on that are very moody and we gave it a.....different vibe. It worked well for us slowing it down, really kind of bringing out the emotion in that."

You can check out the entire interview with Chris in the video above. Five Finger Death Punch's new album And Justice For None comes out on May 18. The band is out on tour currently with Shinedown and will be hitting the road with Breaking Benjamin this summer. The band is also performing at various festivals around the US this spring and summer.

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