The Criminal singer is using the royalties from her most popular song to help refugees coming to the United States. Many people in the United States and around the world know of the ongoing immigration issues that are affecting the United States right now. Many have been outspoken about their disgust at the current living situation for migrants at detention facilities along the border, as well as the treatment of the people inside. While some have spoken out, Fiona Apple has decided to put her money where her mouth is. Well, her royalties at least.

According to Rolling Stone, Fiona Apple posted on her Tumblr explaining her decision to give her 2019 and 2020 royalties from her song "Criminal" to causes that help refugees and asylum seekers:

"After months and months of reading the news about how my country is treating refugees, I’ve become gutted with frustration trying to figure out the best way to help. Of course, you can donate money for the bare necessities.... but... it seems to me that the best way I can help detainees is to contribute to the payment of their legal fees.

What they need is representation and guidance because these people are being prosecuted as criminals just for asking for asylum. When they are separated from their children they need help navigating the system. They need to be bailed out of prison. They need money to pay for the ankle bracelets they are forced to rent and wear while awaiting arraignment, for crying out loud.

WhileTheyWait helps families through the entire process so they don’t have to stand in court alone, so that they are not, in the end, treated like criminals."

The nonprofit she mentions is WhileTheyWait which raises money to help pay for legal services, immigration, and living necessities while they are waiting for legal status in the United States. Apple's song "Criminal" is used in movies and on TV and is her most requested song. Fiona Apple also challenged other songwriters to donate the royalties from a song to that charity or another helping during the immigration crisis.

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