The University of Copenhagen came out with a survey to see what people's dark personality trait levels are in their personalities. So what's your D factor? A new survey by the University of Copenhagen decided to try and dive deep into the darker side of a person's personality. There are 9 traits that they say make up the D Factor of someone's personality. So first of all, what is the definition of D?

"The general tendency to maximize one's individual utility- disregarding, accepting or malevolently provoking disutility for others- accompanied by beliefs that serve as justifications"

The 9 traits that makeup someone's D factor are:

  1. Moral Disengagement
  2. Narcissism
  3. Psychological Entitlement
  4. Psychopathy
  5. Sadism
  6. Self-Interest
  7. Spitefulness
  8. Egoism
  9. Machiavellianism

Want to figure out your Dark Factor score? Check out the Dark Factor Test website and see for yourself!

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