John Boecklin and Chris Cain of Bad Wolves were at Las Rageous this past weekend and opened up about their new album, the success of "Zombie" and their controversial song "Officer Down." If you could stand the heat this past weekend in las Vegas and arrived early for the show, Las Rageous gave you one of the biggest new, up-and-coming rock acts out there now. Usually, the opening spot of a concert is one where the band performs to a smaller group of people, while the crowd is barely starting to trickle into the venue. This was far from the case this past Saturday at Las Rageous. Bad Wolves packed the venue for their early set, with many fans stating that they made sure they were there early to check out the Los Angeles rockers. Whether they were there for only their massively popular cover of "Zombie" or the stuff off the new record, the passion behind the band's performance was seen on the stage and in the fans as well.

After the show, John Boecklin and Chris Cain sat down to talk more about their new album and the first thing I had to ask was about how massively successful "Zombie" has been for the group. Did it put pressure on the guys to deliver with the rest of their album or at least another single? Surprisingly, they had differing answers:

Boecklin- "We're enjoying every minute of it. I mean, there's not a sense of pressure but it is what it is.....We didn't expect this obviously We're just taking it as it goes and we have plenty of songs that are kind of similar as well that we wrote before 'Zombie.' We're just releasing 'Hear Me Now' which is a duet ballad with Diamante, she's an Eleven Seven artist.....Next move is to just play more shows, album comes out May 11th."

Cain- "There's definitely a little pressure now because of what's been happening. It kind of came out of nowhere for us honestly, and then me and John we haven't played live shows for a few years now because we've been working on this stuff. So it feels really good getting back out there and playing again."

The album art for Disobey features a cop in swat gear, wearing a wolf mask. The art is interesting and could be interpreted in a variety of ways but Boecklin says don't read too far into it:

"It's the title Disobey. Which can apply to anything- politically, relationships...I know there is a police officer with a wolf mask on there, but don't take it so literal. It's kind of up to interpretation too."

One song that's been released has been the source of some controversy for the band, and that's "Officer Down." The lyrics were written by Tommy Vext so Boecklin and Cain wouldn't comment on their exact meaning but they did say the band wasn't taking a side in the social issue:

"Lyrically, it's Tommy's baby and there's some abrasive lyrics in there but it's meant to just explain a narrative....We're not choosing sides, we're not getting in the middle of standing behind something like 'police are bad..." or something. It's just telling a story that happens all the time....People think cops are racist, they're not. People know what I mean? it's just explaining unfortunate situations. And to say they don't exist is just bullshit."

Check out the entire interview in the video above. Bad Wolves will be heading to Florida this weekend for Fort Rock and Welcome to Rockville then heading out on tour again.

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