Looks like presents aren't the only thing reindeer will be hauling this holiday season.

Domino's Pizza Japan is working on training reindeer to deliver pizza in a move that will up the ante on delivery and surely anger animal rights activists.

And fret not about the creatures veering off into the woods or anything like that -- there's an app that enables customers to follow their progress.

The idea is currently in the testing phase, with animal trainers involved in somehow turning this into a reality. And while there is a certain novelty to this concept, there is also the very helpful notion that reindeer are better equipped to deliver pizza in treacherous snow than other vehicles.

Consider this the latest development in the neverending quest to get franchised food to the masses. You may recall that Domino's introduced canoe delivery in Britain, which followed robot and drone delivery innovations. Pretty soon customers will simply be able to think about eating a pizza and a puppy will show up at their front door with a large pepperoni strapped to its back.

You can see an expanded, Japanese-speaking look at the attempts to pizza-nize the reindeer below.

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