We talked about Black Friday being the busiest day for plumbers last week. And of course Buzz and I immediately went to thinking that it had to do with the amount of food consumed the previous day, and that food being turned to waste, and that waste causing plumbing problems. But that's not the case.

According to El Paso's KFOX 14 is has to do with people stuffing too many things down the drain, and using that garbage disposal.

"Your mind is somewhere else, on the family, so you [dump food down the drain] unintentionally sometimes, but then it gets clogged right away," said Gilbert Flores, of Surety Plumbing.

On an average day, a plumber gets 15 calls. Black Friday however, that number jumps up to about 50. And if you have to call the plumber, you could be looking at a $100 bill. But the issue is easily fixable.

"I recommend grabbing everything with a napkin and throwing it into a container or trashcan, and avoid using the garbage disposal," Flores said.

And with Christmas coming up soon, now is the time to take note of this, and make sure that when the family hanging out for the holidays, you don't just randomly throw food down the drain. It could end up costing you.

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