Fear Factory brought back the groove with Genexus, but what will their next album sound like? While it may be too early to determine, during a recent chat at the Bowl 4 Ronnie benefit in Los Angeles, guitarist Dino Cazares laid out a timeline for the new disc.

"Right now we're going to be home and doing a new record," stated Cazares, adding, "We're writing already and in the process of doing a new record, but it probably won't be out until late summer of next year or maybe even October. I'm not exactly sure."

When pressed about the direction, the guitarist stated, "It's really too soon, but it will be in a Fear Factory vein. We're not trying to change the wheel here. We're just trying to write great songs."

The guitarist also revealed that the band is also looking at celebrating another album anniversary. The band played dates revisiting the Demanufacture album for its 20th anniversary in 2015, and he says they're eyeing the possibility of doing so for Obsolete as well.

"We've contemplated on doing Obsolete and I believe that we will, but it won't be 20 years old until 2018. So if we do it it won't be until then," says the rocker.

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