While Three Days Grace was rocking, this dad and daughter duo mesmerized concertgoers when the daughter signed the lyrics to her hearing-impaired father. Everyone loves a great rock concert, a time when you can see and hear your favorite bands up close and personal. Concert attendees at a Three Days Grace Show in Edmonton, Alberta were enjoying the show when they noticed two people at the show who seemed to be taking up a circle of space for what they thought was dancing. Looking closer, attendee Jules Maria said she noticed that the daughter was actually signing the lyrics to the songs to her hearing-impaired father. Maria was touched by the moment and recorded a small part and posted the video to her Facebook page:

"At last night's concert, we witnessed something absolutely beautiful. Keep in mind this was a rock concert (Three Days Grace in Edmonton). We saw this girl and a man who seemed to require a lot of dancing room, irritating at first until we realized what was happening. Her father is deaf, she was signing the lyrics to him. We couldn't care less about what was happening on stage, watching them was absolutely mesmerizing. They were both very sweet and her father was very proud of his daughter."

The father, Darrin Carberry, was born deaf but uses a hearing aid in one ear to hear some sound. His daughter Kari attended the rock concert with him and was the one signing the verses to her dad.The video has since gone viral with over 20 million views, 26,000 comments and over 342,000 shares on the social media site. Three Days Grace even saw the video and posted it saying it was "the coolest thing on the internet right now."

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