There are just some words that are difficult to spell. At one point, no one on the show could spell Matthew McConaughey's name. But now we can because we quizzed each other so much, and the mnemonic device "naughty, heyyyy." Lisa came up with that one. And just remember, only one "n".

Well, here are some commonly misspelled words that you can quiz your friends on.

  1. Absence
  2. Achieve
  3. Acquaintance
  4. Calendar
  5. Capitol
  6. Caribbean
  7. Cemetery
  8. Congratulate
  9. Drunkenness
  10. Fiery
  11. Hygiene
  12. Indict
  13. Judgment
  14. Liaison
  15. License
  16. Parliament
  17. Personnel
  18. Privilege
  19. Religious
  20. Separate
  21. Rhythm

I pride myself on my spelling. I won my 3rd grade spelling bee. But I do have to admit, I use auto fill frequently. If I get the red squiggly line under a word I'm typing, I just head to Google and start typing until the correct spelling pops up.

So take these words and go quiz your family and friends.

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