Comedian Chelsea Handler was trying to endorse a political candidate on Twitter when she mixed up two candidates from New Mexico and Idaho. Chelsea Handler has been very outspoken about her thoughts on politics recently in the media and online. On Twitter, she was attempting to show support for a female Native American candidate running for office but accidentally used a photo of the wrong one. Handler was trying to endorse Idaho Gubernatorial candidate Paulette Jordan on her Twitter. She posted a photo of herself giving the thumbs up with a woman, but it wasn't Paulette Jordan. The candidate in the photo was Democrat Deb Haaland who's running in New Mexico for a seat in Congress. Haaland is hoping to win and become the first Native American woman in Congress. Handler quickly realized her error and the photo was deleted and replaced with the proper endorsement for Haaland.

Haaland took the mix-up in stride though, by responding with a joke for the comedian through NBC News,

“With so many Native American women running for office this year, it seems that people can't keep up! Thank you Chelsea for supporting native women, women of color, and all women. I have faith that many of us will win in November, and that it will be just the beginning."

Deb Haaland will be facing off against Republican Janice Arnold-Jones next month.

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