It's happening! While many are out on the most hectic retail day of the year fighting over TV's and even carts, you can find me at the corner 7 Eleven because their iconic "Bring Your Own Cup" day is back! That's right, for just $1.49 you can take your very own cup/vessel and fill it to your delight! The news came when I stumbled upon the announcement on Instagram.

So things don't get so crazy there are a few caveats for "Bring Your Own Cup Day 2018" or #BYOCDay2018 (use that hashtag!). According to the post, you can bring in your own cups starting at 11 A.M. and it runs through to 7 P.M. The cups, or "vessels" that you can bring must meet some standards: vessels must be less than 10” in diameter, watertight and food-safe. So long as they fit underneath the nozzle for the Slurpee you're good to go! And just to compare, $1.49 is the price of a medium Slurpee, so you're definitely getting a "black Friday" deal here! So grab your vessel of choice and prepare for the brain freeze!

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