It sounds like something straight out of Mike Tyson's Punchout. A boxer wore shorts that had a "wall" design on them in red, white, and blue. And on the waste band of the shorts it read "America 1st."

Well, it's a cute idea, but really makes you look stupid when you get your ass kicked. And I'm not talking about just losing. I'm talking about getting so thoroughly pummeled by your opponent, you give up after 6 rounds.

Rod Salka, an American boxer with a record of 24 and 5, is apparently a big fan of a border wall protecting us from Mexicans, but unfortunately for Salka, he wasn't able to protect his face from Mexican boxer Francisco Vargas.

Vargas dominated the fight, landing an uppercut in the 5th round that send Salka to his knees. The 6th round was even worse for Salka, as Vargas landed a series of combinations that opened a cut over Salka's eye. And that was all she wrote. Salka's corner threw in the towel after the 6th round.

Here is the full footage of the fight courtesy of Golden Boy Boxing.

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